Dating Married Women


The Lonely, Neglected Wife

These are the most vulnerable type of wives that any men will want and get. As these married women are often neglected by their husbands, they hunger for love and affection.

In searching for their losses in affection and love, they would go hunting anyway from online dating, clubs, or bars hoping to find just that. Once they do, they would almost immediately fall to any men who would give them just that.

Wives who fall into this category life’s are in chaos and their senses of self-esteem and worth are in a mess. Emotionally they are weak. For these married women, their marriages were a form of accomplishment and by admitting to a fail marriage would be a shame and a sense of failure.

As they do not want to admit to this failure, they would rather go outside her social circle associated with her family and her husband and seek outside comfort from other men who are interest in her.


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