Dating Married Women


The Thrill-Seeker

Thrill-seeker housewives are just wives who are bored by their normal routine of house chores or corporate-types who are under enormous stress. These wives just want to let their hair down and go out to flirt and find a men to chill out with and have some fun. They are also out to fulfill their desires and fantasies.

Wives who fall into this type don’t want or have the time to take a holiday to release their stress, but would rather enjoy the company of a toy boy for some action.

Men should be aware that these married women often don’t present signs of arousal or interest. They are out to do the initiating. When they find their target, her game is to seduce you with odd physical advances to make you take the first move. Due to this men find them irresistible. Men will just fall for their lure. Men should remember, you are her toy and she is the player.



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